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These are gifs I've collected from surfin the Web - they are all from free-gif sites so they should be OK to use. Tripod wishes you to download anything you wanna use so be kind, and use a transloader if possible. I'll add more as I get 'em so keep checkin back.

Biker Art GIFs

art by Bergeron
art by Bivens
art by Brooks
art by Cleworth
art by Cramer
art by Herrmann
art by Herrmann 2
glass art by Herrmann
art by Jordan
art by Miller
art by Thistle
art by Kegg
larger version of above
art by Dave Mann
art by Dave Mann 2
Biker Angel

T-shirt Art

Dave Mann's Ghostrider
Mann's All the Elements
Dave Mann's Snow Maiden
more Dave Mann
wolf engine
Biker to the Bone
Biker to the Bone engine
Canadian HD
wolf behind rider
By design
Crank'n by Herrmann
skull with flames
skull engine
image of bro on scoot (white BG)
larger image of bro on scoot (no BG)

Eagles and Symbols

big blue eagle on shield
grey eagle on black BG tile
lt. blue eagle on white
pink version of above (for the ladies)
gold eagle with banner
silver eagle
flying eagle
Harley bar and shield (color)
grey eagle on H-D shield
big eagle
eagle head
eagle with flag
HD Live to Ride
Bike and Shield bar
Rebel HD
HD dollar
all red bar and shield
all white bar and shield
all blue bar and shield
all black bar and shield (not visible)
flashing neon HD sign
another neon HD sign
line with H-D wings (ON PAGE)
banner with H-D wings
ribbon with red wings
red wings (animated)
ribbon with HD shield
banner with bike
HD bike bar
line with shield
riveted block with HD logo
Red BG tile with logos
larger version of above
Easyriders BG tile
HOG logo
HD shop sign

Cycle GIFs

small red bike
larger version of above
small blue bike
larger version
large blue full-dresser
large green full-dresser
yellow bike
framed red bike
custom chopper
tiny animated chopper
bike button 1
bike button 2
bike button 3
bike button 4
Blue knuck
Blockhead engine
engine with wings
Blue version of above
light blue engine on white BG
pink version of above (for the ladies)
bike and logo BG tile
leather BG tile
denim BG tile
handlebar line
spinning bike wheel
rolling down the road

Skull GIFs

small spinning skull
larger version of above
tiny skull and crossbones
pile of flaming skulls
skeleton on bike
skull BG tile
talking skull
flashing skull
skull sword


Bottle of Jack
Bacardi bat
Bottle of Cuervo
Pepsi™ can
Pepsi bar
Pepsi ball(animated)
Mt. Dew™ can
Dr Pepper™ can
spinning 7-up can
Sunkist™ can
5+1 sixpack
spinning COKE™ can
Diet Coke™ can
COKE™ machine
red COKE™ line
red COKE™ line (animated)
white COKE™ line
COKE™ BG tile
COKE™ Babe
cup of coffee
can of whoopazz
open 24 hours sign
beer belly
small beer (animated)
disappearing drink
have some wine?
outta beer nuts?
Harley beer cans
Busch logo
Miller logo
Samuel Adams logo
spinning FOSTERS™ can
Clydesdales over Bud label
Michelob Light bottle
Anheiser-Busch eagle BG tile
have a BUD?
DUFF can
Corona bottle
Harp Lager logo
Molson logo
line of COORS™


BIKER cover
Easyrider Sturgis symbol
Harley Quinn
girl showing off (not for rugrats)
larger version of above
girl sitting on engine
same as above (other direction)
biker blues
babe on bike
babe on bike 2
babe on bike 3
Biker Taz
Biker Teddy
Big Johnson Racing
line of chain links
chain line animated
same as above (opposite direction)
rotating chain line
hanging chain
spinning sword (vert)
spinning sword (horiz)
wizard (arms raised)
wizard with orb
2 tigers
ice wolf
Snow Wolf Shield
wolf shield
Dark Lady
into the city
officer Cartman
cop with club
Biker Daria
Biker Barbie™
jumping flame
musketeer (animated)
musketeer (non-animated)
flame wolf
bike chain line
chrome bar line
barbed wire line
multi-color line
BAD A$$?
moving highway
grey block BG tile
blue flame
small rose
walking Clinton
the B***H thing
OHIO license plate
popcorn surprise
red reaper
red spider
warp in and fire